School Partnerships

​Thank you for considering partnering with our restaurant! Our school partners enjoy many benefits including a 10% discount on all food orders. In addition, our partner schools receive the following:

​- An auction pack valued at $100 or more

- 200 Kid's Ice Dream Cards to use as incentives valued at $178

​- 25 Be Our Guest cards to used as teacher incentives. Valued at $112

​- 1 Food credit to use however you would like. Valued at $125  

​Total Value: $515!

​In exchange, we only ask for recognition as a school sponsor on any advertising materials.

​To qualify:

​Your school must be located within 3 miles of one of our Tucker locations.

​Your school must be accredited.

​You must appoint a key contact to handle all requests for food purchases and/or use of the food credit.

​That's it. Simple. If you are interested in becoming a partner, just fill out the form below and we will be in touch.